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Enjoying my first sex with my Lovely Aunt - Part 1

As usual awaiting my holiday to come as I use to enjoy with my cousins, I used to spend all my holiday with them staying at their house playing games on PlayStation and watching movies and so on...
After reaching home with a good result mom and dad was very happy they were really proud and say I need my gift as I was looking ahead to have brand new bicycle, Dad immediately say no worry son you will get it as you deserve it after so much hardworking.
The next day I ask mom if I can go to my cousins to stay and spend my holiday, I normally go for 1 month full, then she say oh you remind me my sister (Sudha) called yesterday asking if you can stay for around 1 week with her as she need to renovate her house and her husband (Ajay) is busy in his work, so let me know if you can help her and after that you may go to your cousins and enjoy yourself.
Sudha got married 2 years back and she is a housewife, her husband work in a very good company as Accountant and he has a good salary to manage all his responsibilities, my aunt has good level of education as she completes her degree in University also but Ajay say not to work as he don’t like.
So coming back on me I was not really happy to hear that but me and Sudha we have good relation can say as a friend & she always care for me, when I was a c***d she was the one which come at home to help mom. She uses to bath me while she takes bath but at that time I was too young to enjoy her lovely body, anyway that’s a deal I cannot refuse so I say yes but if the work is complete before I will go, she says ok.
The next day I took a bus and reach Sudha’s home @ 11 am & she welcome me still in her night dress in which I can figure there is no bra as her nipple is clearly visible with large dark areolas, she gives me a glass of juice and say that she going to take a bath after that we can start to do the jobs needed. I also change my clothes and after she is back we start by cleaning the house of unused items which is taking lot of place in the house.
After completing the work its nearly 6 pm, time to cook food for dinner she says I can watch movies if I want I say no I prefer to walk a bit outside as I was tired in the house and it’s too boring for me, by 7pm she called me inside to serve dinner she made my favorite dish (Kentucky) I was so happy and thank her, she says I made that because you help me a lot today, After the dinner we watched Tv a bit and then by 9 pm we go to bed.
She ask me to sleep in the guest room, she gave me everything I needed to sleep and I was good o I sleep but something strange happened during the night I dream of something that never happened to me before,
I dream of a nude and beautiful girl and I enjoy it a lot but to my surprise when I woke up that day I feel my underwear is wet when I take a look I see my underwear is full with a white thick fluid with a strange smell not like piss and for that time it was something new for me, I was afraid I may be sick, so I wake on the bed brush my teeth etc… and go the kitchen and Sudha was their preparing my breakfast, she asks me did you sleep well I did not reply, she suspect something wrong and ask if I’m ok.
I say no I’m not, she immediately inquires what happen & I was feeling very shy to say, she must have notice my face change in color and say if something bothering you pls say It to me so that I can help you dear, with lot of courage I say yes I have a problem she says what, I said this morning when I woke up I found plenty of white thick fluid in my underwear Aunt Sudha.
After hearing that she blushes and turn her face in other direction and stay quiet, I ask her if I’m sick I think I need to inform my mom so I can go to a doctor, she says no and hold my hand and say what are you doing are you crazy you really don’t know what happened to you, I say no she say ok listen now stay quiet let your uncle leave for work I will explain to you ok I say yes and eat my breakfast and sit in the tv room watching comics in the TV and by 9 am uncle leave for job, Sudha call me and ask me to come in her room while she was locking all the door before we go upstairs, I was so innocent @ that time guys to know what was going to happen, so I follow her in the room and finally we are free she said, now ok what is your problem can you repeat it to me again dear I say this morning when I woke up my underwear was full of a thick white fluid, she say ok did you change yourself I say yes.
Now she asked my you really don’t know what it was I say no aunt how many times you will ask me the same question, then she say ok ok don’t get nervous I will explain to you but it must stay a secret between us I say ok she say promise I say yes promise, she say did you dream of something I look down on my feet and say yes I dream of a nude girl she laugh loudly and say hey that’s ok it’s your body which is changing and you are becoming a man to reproduce, I say reproduce what is that, she say that white fluid is call cum in our language we say ‘’difoute’’.
Me: difoute what is that aunt
Sudha: this is from which we are born
Me: can you explain me aunt I can’t understand
Sudha: later you will know son you still a k**
Me: come on aunt you say it will be a secret then why not say to me
Sudha: you still too young for that dear
Me: hey what is that, what is happening to me!!!
Sudha: what??
Me: I immediately take off my short along with my under… and release my 4” hard cock
Sudha: OMG she turns other side.
Me: aunt you see I said something is wrong we need to see a doctor
Sudha: she turns and say shut up you idiot you are not sick you are just getting hard
Me: what getting hard?
Sudha: Ya it’s because you need to get hard to fuck a girl
Me: what is that now
Sudha: shit I think I have to explain everything to you from the beginning now but not a single word about that to anyone boy else I will kill you.
Me: Yes, I promise aunt I won’t say anything.

End of part 1
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