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Having sex with daddy beside my computer

Having your knickers ride up the crack in your ass is uncomfortable, but today I am wearing a thong, and you know what, it is one size too small, for the simple reason, it cuts me in half and shows my womanhood as if I were nude and painted with the wispiest of black shadings, my crotch is a delight to behold, and the taut string is wet due to my clitoris being massaged as I walk amongst men willing to rip this flimsy garment with their teeth, oh God, I am having another orgasm right where I stand, this is awesome.

I am a self confessed sex freak, a girl who just discovered the joys of sex, became hooked, and now I want some more, hence my opening paragraph about my flimsy underwear, yes butter might not melt in my mouth, but put it where Marlin Brando did, and you will have an experience to take to the grave, including my ass gyrating into the distance, with the contents of your testicles, held securely in-situ behind those taut bum cheeks, I am not just naughty, I am a fuck bunny starting out on her life of pleasuring cock, thrilling their owners and surprising them with my needs and deeds.

This is an open and honest blog from a girl wanting to talk to men who like me love sex. I dont posses a cock or balls, but the receptacle to envelope then and wrap them in soft moistened warm flesh, slippery and tight fitting, the perfect mold, but that's is just part of it, that is my cunt, the rest of me that gives life to it, is equally pleasurable, a nice ass to fondle as you slip in and out, pouting fresh lips to kiss, hard rubbery nipples to feel on your chest as they get crushed against you, slim waist, taut tummy muscles, sweet breath in your ear, yes you are fucking me, and you have to believe me when I say, I love being on your cock.

'Mariel what are you writing there'?

I turn and face daddy, like a c***d being caught with her hand in the cookie jar, 'My sex blog daddy', I reply, he laughs, 'You're too young to write about that', he scolds, and walks over and reads what you just did.

'You certainly have top marks with imagination', he mocks, 'but most people with squirm wearing tight knickers', he concludes and as he does so he nuzzles my neck, his teeth grazing my ear lobe and sticks his tongue inside.

'Fuck daddy', I moan, my hips squirming on the seat, my bare ass cheeks spreading the puddle of wetness secreted from my hot pussy, as my imagination was on fire as I typed my dirty blog, 'Where is mummy', I groaned quietly, as daddies fingers sought my button of pleasure, causing my hips to rise and fall in unison with his fingering.

'She is watching TV', he groaned softly, we both knew where this was going, I was a daddies girl with a high sex drive, and daddy had two women to keep happy, mummy just pretended her beautiful daughter was just that, and not a vamp with a cunt needing constant attention, my screams fell on her deafened ears, as daddies cock pleasured my hungry cunt.

'I want to be watched', I moaned as I twisted around and kissed his mouth, 'OK baby', he replied and I switched over to the chat room, where the men were waiting for the daddy/daughter fuck show, 'welcome back', went up the chorus as we came into focus, keyboards being hammered as I turned my ass to daddies cock, feeling him slide inside, I gasped and my knuckles bared white as I gripped the table edge.

'Oh fuck', I gasped, as the men watching momentarily paused in the wanking, taking time to grasp this was live, my face on full view, 'God it's Mariel', typed one guy, and I smiled, a mixture of pleasure and a knowing someone out there knew me, I was on the verge of an orgasm, and they were with me, encouraging daddy to greater efforts to make me cum, his cock like a well oiled piston, my bum cheeks like soft pillows as he hammered against them, the waves of percussion causing my tits to bounce, my cry at the point of no return, causing an eruption of different semen's to spurt from the watching cocks.

Later as daddy slept I went back online to read more responses, and there was an email, from the man who recognized me, see you in class tomorrow, you were great, he remarked, I typed back a few words, 'Yes Sir', a simple, sweet, acknowledgment, perhaps some butter, as I really ached for that kind of sex.

All comments welcomed thanks Mariel

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