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Heart is a guard for my dick that you make hard #1

 I feel in love with this gorgous girl tan as hell, body size perfect in every way, beautiful brunette , with the eyes that when I looked into them it was like they said take me and do with me what u want, that's honestly what won cock at first because all I could think about was fucking her no matter where we were or what time it was.
We fucked every day for a easy year 2 or 3 times a day and we ended up falling in love which made the sex passonette all tied into one. Funny thing was I waited 7 months for this night and picture how great it was gonna be.we drank a lot of beer and got back to her house and invited me Into her room she rented, we fooled around and I was having a hard time getting hard and never did that night but I was in the mood and I think I was nervous because I was fixing to fuck the most beautiful slutty girl I ever had before. I gave her the best oral she ever had, I don't know if it is true but it made me feel good which made me get her to cum 3 ttimes I think. I know I was hooked then.. I remember her saying one time we ar gonna be together forever because she didn't want no one else getting oral from me and she would kill me if I did.....Now backing up a little we had a big age gap between us and she seem very mature for 18 and I was 41 but she told me she had sex with a man my age that was the father of ex and boy did i masturbate that night on the phone with her. We also talked about fantasies we had both hotter then he'll and meaning we had a lot of phone sex in all hrs of the day and nite, we were things to make he so fel even better. I we wanted to fuck all the time and we had our spots as we called them first was a spa on the beach. We would hop the fence sit there me fingering her beautiful pussy and her stroking my cock getting it rock had. When our watchers were in place watching us on the balcony that's when we would start getting busy. She would spin around facing me and I grabbed her ass pulled her in and drove my cock as dep as I could it felt so good for both of us we stayed that way until I felt the walls of her pussy tighten up and she not softly says omg I'm cumming which I fucked her fast and as deep as I could and when I was cumming I grabbed her ass to get as deep as I could and unloaded inside her kissing and hugging each other till I went limp I pulled it out put my shorts and her bottoms back on and back on the road again. We would stop and mess around her pulling my cock out and sucking it till I loaded or me putting the tailgate down puttiing her on the edge ripping her bathing suit off again spreading her legs running my tongue lightly on the insides of her thighs teasing it till I could taste her sweetness running out when I seen that I went to town sucking on her clit like it a was a little dick and widen her legs even more hear grabbing my head bringing her pussy deep as it could go and a loud I'm cumming hard baby don't stop don't stop and here it comes she had started jump and twitching and had more cum and I think she squirted some I told her becaus it was soaked. My cock rock hard again and like I felt like I had me my own little slut. She jumped back on it till I unload in her mouth again this time swallowing it like I told her. To spot Num 2 next time.

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