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Male teen‘s affair with his friend’s dad.

The very next day after I had had my first “Gay” sexual experience, came the second wonderful chance. Jon’s dad had given me the best orgasm of my young life, then, out of pure lust and desire, I licked and sucked his thick, hairy cock and balls til he came and I hungrily licked him clean. (the story, “Male teen sucks his friends dad”)

That morning, I nervously roamed my friend Jon’s house, hoping to get a moment alone with his dad again. I was staying there for the week and after my first time with him, I craved more. My first indication that it may not of just been a one time thing was when Jon’s dad walked in behind me and lightly put his hand on the small of my back, before letting it slid down over my ass. Electricity seemed to shoot through me and the hair on my neck stood up. A rush of sexual energy flooded through me and straight to my cock, which began to ache for him. My knees weakened. The best part was that his touch made me think he wanted my body as much as I wanted his. I wanted his hands on me and I wanted my hands and mouth on him too.

Later that day, Jon had a baseball game and when I heard him tell Jon’s mom that they would all leave in a few minutes, my heart sank. I was hoping to be alone, and nude, with him again. My friend Jon having a game was the perfect chance, but obviously not if he went too. “You know what?” he said to his wife, “I have to make a call, I forgot, I’ll have to meet you there” I was in the other room and when I heard his words, I became excited and aroused. My cock stirred in my jeans. I wanted that big, masculine man’s body and his big hairy cock with an almost uncontrollable lust and I wanted him to have mine also.

As soon as the door closed and they left, I moved to him and silently slid to my knees. We didn’t have to say a word. He lightly stroked the side of my face and hair as I nervously pulled open his pants. My hands shook as his thick cock fell out and I nervously began to plant soft, loving kisses on his hanging, shaft. His dick felt wonderful on my lips and tasted even better as I stuck out my tongue and lapped at his tip as he began to harden. I pushed my face between his thick, muscular, hairy thighs and found his tight, full, hairy ball sack. I licked them gently and breathed in his manly, intoxicating scent.

When he picked me up to my feet, I melted into him as he held me and I let his hands explore my body. He forced his hands down the back of my pants and squeezed and kneeded my ass. I undid my pants and let them fall to the floor. I felt his cock pressed against me and I pressed mine against him as I rested my head on his chest, enjoying his hands on my ass. I didn’t resist when his big hands spread my cheeks open and his finger found my tight, virgin hole. He rubbed it gently and I reached out and held his ass too. His big, hairy ass felt huge in my hands, so muscular and manly. I ran my hands over his cheeks and caressed and squeezed them as he lightly fingered my hole. I moaned softly and pressed my face against his big chest. He pulled off his shirt and I licked gently at his nipple and rubbed my face in his hair. My cock ached now, pressed against him, and pre cum oozed out of me. I felt him slid down to his knees and I excitedly waited for him to take my cock into his wet mouth. In stead, he turned me around. I was confused and frustrated until i felt his hands on my ass againand his face press into my crack. When his searching tongue found my hole, I couldn’t help but moan again as more pre cum leaked from my throbbing cock. His tongue licked at my little hole and I bent over to give my man better access. This was clearly want he wanted and I wanted to please him.

His tongue felt wonderful as it lapped at my sensitive opening and pressed lightly inside me. My cock twitched and begged for attention. He must have known and turned me back around to face him and dove his mouth down my entire length. I almost immediately shook and spasmed as my body was rocked by an uncontrollable orgasm. I shot wave after wave of hot cum into his waiting mouth and he swallowed all of it. It felt amazing and I panted and shook, lost it the moment of sexual ecstasy.

As soon as my orgasm subsided, I pulled my cock from his mouth and motioned for him to stand up. I wanted to go down on him as he had done to me. Before I could move to my knees before him, he held my face, his lips met mine, and he forced a kiss. My head swam, light headed, I let them press his tongue into my mouth and I tasted my own cum. My knees weakened and he held me up in his big strong arms and kissed me passionately before letting me slid to my knees to pleasure him. His dick was already rock hard and twitching. I reached up and with one hand caressed and cradled his balls as the other gripped his base and squeezed out a drop of clear, sweet pre cum. I licked it off him and savored the delicious taste before taking the head of his erection into my mouth. Coating his thick, fat head with saliva and his own pre cum, his cock glided between my lips and over the edge of his head. I felt his massive, thick prick hit the back of my throat. I paused for a moment and enjoyed the full feeling of his cock stuffed into my mouth before I continued sucking and pleasuring him.

He reached down and held my head as he began to move his hips back and forth. He was now slowly fucking mouth and I loved it. I held his ass and let him use my mouth. He moaned and I excitedly waited for his cum. I squeezed his ass cheeks and began to force him to fuck my mouth harder. I let out a cock muffled moan in anticipation. I didn’t care about pretending not to love it anymore. When he finally released his cum into my mouth I couldn’t wait to swallow it and have his sperm inside me. I had to swallow mouthful after mouthful after that as his semen seemed to unendingly fill my mouth. His cum coated my tongue and mouth and the taste and smell was overwhelming. When he pulled his spent, but still hard, dick from my mouth I layed back on the floor, happy and fulfilled. He slid to his knees next to me and ran his big hands over my body.

I felt him motion for me to roll over, onto my stomach and I did so. I then felt his wonderful thick cock against the crack of my ass. Surprised, I just layed there and enjoyed the feeling. The last of his cum continued to ooze out and along with my saliva, made my ass crack slick and wet. He rocked back and forth, moving his slick cock up and down my crack. I arched my back for him, letting him hit my opening hole with his head and shaft. I felt his cock harden again as he grinded against me, this was clearly turning him on. I felt him press the fat head of his dick firmly against my opening. It felt exciting and erotic and I grinded back against him, feeling his cock agansit my hole and filling the length of my crack. I arched my back harder now, opening myself up for him and he fucked my crack wildly. I soon felt him shake and moan, then yell out in ecstasy as he came again. I felt his warm, thick jizz lube my ass crack and hole. He slapped his massive, softening cock against my ass cheeks and I smiled, knowing he was satisfied. He then leaned back and with his big hands, massaged his cum onto my ass cheeks and down my crack. When i felt a cum covered finger on my hole, I arched my back again and he slipped it inside me. The pain was sharp and his finger felt huge inside me. He slowly slid it in and out, back and forth, never taking it all the way out of me. He slowly opened me up. As his lubed finger began to go deeper inside me, the pain was replaced by lust and pleasure. It felt wonderful to be taken by him and soon my cock was semi hard and leaking more pre cum.

He moved me up to my knees and pushed down on my back. I rested my head against the floor and arched my back giving him full access to my hole. He continued to finger fuck my ass, until it was as deep as it could go, then he began to move his finger tip side to side, up and down as it was buried deep inside me. I opened my eyes to see a stream of thick clear, pre cum leaking from my cocks head down to the floor. I could not even speak, I was completely overcome and quivering. With his finger still deep inside my ass, he reached between my legs and mercifully milked another orgasm from my twitching dick, letting my cum drip all over the floor as my hole gripped onto and tightened around his fat finger. When he pulled his finger out of me, I collapsed and layed on my side, a quivering, spent, exhausted, yet totally satisfied, young man.

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