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My Amazing Cousin Kate

My name's Alex, and I love my cousin Kate. I've always loved my cousin Kate. The first time I remember seeing her, I was three, but Mom says she visited the delivery room the day I was born. According to Mom, there was this eerie thing between us where Kate could always seem to tell what I wanted. Mom swears I would make a fuss, and Kate, who was five then, would run over and go, "Alex wants milk," or "Give Alex his teddy bear," or "He just needs cheering up," and she would always be right. I have trouble believing that, but Mom swears it happened. She says Kate used to snatch me out of my crib all the time. My cousin liked rocking me in her arms like a baby doll, singing me lullabies, and pushing me around in my stroller.

My first memory of Kate was in the den of our house. Mom liked me to stay there so I didn't break things in the living room. It was nice in there. The carpet was soft and gray, the windows were huge, and there were seats you could put stuff in under them. I was playing with those little blocks with letters and numbers on the side, the kind grown ups hope will help little k**s learn to read. I was trying to figure out what the letters meant when Kate suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

I never saw anything so pretty before. She has red hair, and it was shinning because the sun was hitting it. Her eyes are green with little gold dots in them, and her face was all round and soft and cute. She was smiling down at me, and I felt funny whenever I looked at her, like I wanted to hug her and kiss her and look at her all day long. More than anything, I hoped she would give me a kiss. She didn't. She picked up the blocks instead.

"Hi, Alex," she said nicely. "What'cha doin'?" You ever lick your finger and touch the end of a nine volt battery? The shock you feel? That's how it feels down my back whenever Kate talks to me. "You like these blocks, Alex?"

"Yes," I said. I felt really nervous.

"That's great!" she cried. She sounded really happy. "These blocks are really special. They'll help you learn letters! Want me to show you how?" she asked. I wanted her to stay close to me so I nodded.

Kate taught me the alphabet in a couple of days, and boy was my mom surprised.

"Katie, dear, you're a little genius," she gushed. "And so are you, Alex, sweetheart."

Now my mom, she did kiss me. I kissed her, too, but no matter what happened, I kept looking at Kate. After that, my cousin tried to teach me to read, and I could do it before I turned four. When I read one of those cardboard baby books myself for the first time, Kate lifted me up and gave me a kiss on both cheeks. I was really, really, really really, happy.

Kate taught me a lot of other things too, like colors and numbers and now to write stuff. She tried to teach me to draw, but I suck at that. She tried to teach me to play piano. That I can do. Her mother was in prison, I still don't know for what, so she lived with us, and basically became my big sister. She was bossy. Very bossy. And I didn't like taking orders from anyone but Mom, so we fought a lot, but she always won in the end.

Mom was a waitress, and she had crazy hours. I missed her a lot. Sometimes, I cried about it. She was almost never home at the same time I was, and when she was home, the poor woman was dead tired. I rub her feet a lot because she has to stand to do her job so by the time she gets home, her feet are killing her.

Whenever Mom was missing, she counted on Kate to look after me. My cousin fed me, made sure I did my homework, walked me to school, and fought off my bullies. She did everything, or taught me how to do it. When I misbehaved, she even punished me. I drew the line at being spanked, and got my mother to forbid her to hit me, but she was empowered to put me on time out, take away my toys, ground me, give me chores to do, and assign me her own homework. By the time I was seven, I had a massive crush on her, and because of that, I was usually an angel when she was around.

I knew perfectly well I wasn't supposed to like my cousin. Hell, I had known that when I was three. I couldn't help it though. I tried very, very, hard, but no matter what I did, Kate was all I could ever think of. My favorite thing of all to do was watch her sleep. Awake, she was beautiful, but she was so adorable when she was sleeping it almost hurt. Nothing scared me more than thinking about what Kate would do to me if she ever caught me at it, but I couldn't stop. I knew better than to say anything, though. I'd planned to take my little secret to the grave. I didn't want to hear Kate tell me she couldn't love her own cousin. Honestly, I'd rather be shot. And I had no idea what Mom would do. She was a civil lady until something upset her. So my plan had been to just shut up and be happy Kate existed, but then what I call the Great Problem happened.

If you're a boy reading this, I don't have to say anything. You know what problem I'm talking about already. For the girls though, I'm gonna try and explain it cause it's kinda important to the story. See, I was playing one day, jumping around playing Ninja Turtles, when all of a sudden, this strong feeling came over me. It's real strong, like a craving, but you don't know what you want. All you know is you need to be naked for it. You need to be naked and touch your privates. And it never goes away. Not until you do that. You can't ignore it. Trust me, I've tried.

I tried reading, and video games, and exercise, and cold water, and snacking, and singing and everything else. It just keeps chewing at you until you can't even play right, and whenever you touch your privates, no matter where you hide, your mom pops in to stop you and scold you and sometimes spank you. About the fifth time she caught me, Mom threatened to cut my privates off altogether. I don't think she'd really do that, but it's scary to hear. I used to cry sometimes when it happened because there was nothing I could do about it that wouldn't get me in trouble. The only good things were that, and I don't know how this is possible, but Kate never caught me at it, and if you did it long enough, you got the best feeling in the world.

But for the first time ever, Kate made my problem worse because I started getting that feeling whenever I saw her. She was twelve now, and boy, oh boy, had she changed. She was taller, her hair was longer, and she had breasts like Mom did. I don't remember when she got them, but I could barely stop looking at them, which was truly a problem whenever I needed a bath. See, Kate and I still took baths together, mostly so she could make sure I actually got clean. Before that had just meant splashing around with my cousin. Now, I was completely obsessed with seeing her naked.

I didn't even bother to hide what I wanted, but Kate had no intention of giving it to me. No matter how hard I tried to outsmart her, she got her clothes off and ducked under the bubbles before I could see anything. Somehow, she always diverted my attention before she slipped out again. By the time I looked, she was wrapped in towels and heading off to her room. Each time something like that happened, the need to see her grew stronger. Eventually, I gave up trying and simply begged her to show me.

Every single time we had a bath together the entire time I was seven, I begged her to give me a look at her breasts, or better still, to show me what was between her legs. I had no idea what girls looked like down there. I didn't even know what their privates were called. She refused every time.

"No, Alex. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to do it. It's just not going to happen, no matter how much you ask."

"But Kate-"

"No buts."


"I can't. Why do you want to see so much anyway?"

"I...I...don't know what it's callled, but this feeling won't leave me alone. Whenever I look at you-"

"That's called lust, Alex. Your body wants you to do things to girls you're not supposed to until you ger older-"

"What things?"

"Alex, you have to try to control-"

"I can't, Kate. It won't go away. Please just let me-"

"I said 'no', Alex."

It went like that every time, but I simply couldn't be talked into giving up. Finally, after months of pathetic pleading, Kate walked me into the bathroom and sat on the covered toilet. With a sigh, she unbuttoned her blouse and pushed up her bra, and I saw her breasts for the first time ever.

They were amazing, just a bit smaller than oranges, with adorable, little, pink, nipples. I reached out my hand to touch one, expecting her to smack it right away, but she let me touch her. I brushed it like I thought it might break, and Kate shivered.

"Thank you," I said quietly, and I put my hands at my sides.

"You're welcome," she replied, and she kissed me on the forehead.

My urges didn't go anywhere, but after that, I resolved never to bother Kate with them again. I thought she'd be thrilled that I wasn't pestering her anymore, but instead, she was quiet unless I said something to her. I asked her if something was wrong several times, but she always told me everything was fine. After a few weeks, things got back to normal, and I was sure that's how they were going to stay. But at some point during the following month, she led me in the batroom and I touched her breasts again.

From then on, once every month, Kate would allow me to play with her breasts for five minutes. She usually closed her eyes, shivered a lot, and sometimes, she made a bunch of whimpering sounds. She told me it felt like what a boy feels when he touches his privates, though she never asked if I did that. Once or twice, she asked me to suck her nipples, and if I was doing that when time was up, she never made me stop.

Things went on like that for the next three years. When I turned ten, as usual, Kate organized the party. I had six friends in total, and all of them made it. So did my mother, who somehow got the day off. Having her home for the entire day was the best gift I got.

Kate was incredible. She got my favorite everything. Ice cream, cookies, cake, pizza, you name it, she got it. She organized a trip to the movies, and then a romp through our local arcade. When my friends went home, she told my mom she wanted to borrow me for awhile, and Kate drove me to the local Toys R' Us. She handed me four fifty dollars bills.

"I'll be right here. Go wild, k**. You've got two hours."

Oh my God! Thank you! Kate? Where did you get-"

"Never mind that, Alex. Get in there and have fun."

I did have fun. It was like my own personal toy run. Two hours later, I came back with a cartload of toys. Kate helped me load them, and we drove back home. When we got there, Kate turnd to me and smiled.

"Did you have a nice birthday?" she asked, sounding really sweet.

I just stared at her for about ten seconds, trying not to do the thing I'd just thought of. I couldn't help it, though. I shot right up and kissed her. It was quick, but I'd aimed directly for her lips. I sat back down, with my heart pounding hard, and waited to see what Kate would do. What she did was smile, lean over, and kiss me the French way grown ups use in the movies.

"I've wanted to do that to you for a while now," she said. "It's just-"

"I know. We're not supposed to." I didn't know how I could say anything. My whole body was still tingling from the kiss.

"Listen, Alex, I love you,"

"You...you...what?" I sputtered.

"Love you," she repeated. "More than anything. I don't care what we're supposed to do or not. All I care about is whether you love me."

"I've loved you since before I could read," I said quietly. Then we hugged each other for about five minutes. When we went inside, my mom was snoring.

Kate was very good at keeping a secret, so Mom never found out about my newfound relationship. We'd stopped bathing together long ago, but whenever Mom was away, Kate would ask me to fondle her breasts. These days, they were a bit larger than a g****fruit, and she encouraged me to suck them right away. She made much more noise when I did what she wanted, and one day, she said something she never had before.

"Alex, honey, I'll let you see what I have between my legs if you swear to me you'll lick it once I show you. Do you swear?" Her voice made it really clear she was hoping I'd say yes. I did, and Kate eased down her shorts and panties.

"This is called a vagina," she said, opening her legs. "When you get me aroused, it gets very wet."

"Then you must really like me sucking your nipples," I replied. The pretty, fuzzy, little slit in front of me was soaking.

"God yes," she said, moaning. "Your mouth makes me feel amazing. Now please, Alex. You promised..."

She pointed at her vagina, and I moved in closer and kept my word. I licked slowly at first, tasting the stuff that was leaking from her hole. It wasn't bad, but it was odd. Kinda tangy I think, and a bit sour. Have you ever had a fruit that's a little too ripe? Kinda like that. I kinda liked it. Kate started moanning at once, louder than I've ever heard her, and telling me to do things like lick her in circles. Three minutes in, she was gently pushing my head against her hole, urging me to try and push my tongue in deeper. She was shaking a lot and saying she loved me and telling me to lick her over and over. In the end, she wrapped her thighs around my head, let out a scream, and sent a lot of the liquid in her slit into my mouth.

"My God, that felt good, Alex. Thank you. Thank you so much." And she kissed me all over for about two minutes. "Now then, take off your pants. It's your turn now. I'm going go make you feel as good as you just made me!"

Kate had never touched my penis before, except to clean it, but when I did what she said, she put it in her mouth. For a second, I was afraid she'd accidentally bite, but when she started sucking, I forgot my own name for a solid minute. She bobbed up and down, getting her spit on the whole thing and tickling the tip with her tongue. I felt the blood rush into it, and it swelled in her mouth. Kate licked it like a popsicle and sucked it like a straw. She petted the balls underneath, and squeezed my butt a lot. I switched between panting like a dog and urging her to do more. At last, I took her beautiful hair in my hands and rubbed it against my face as that wonderful feelling ran trough me. Her hair felt wonderful and smelled even better. When I finally stopped shaking, Kate drew me ino a hug.

I wasn't just happy from then on, I was the luckiest boy on the planet. That is, until I turned eleven, and Kate's mother was finally released. The courts decided to send Kate home. I had never seen her cry before, but now she was sobbing bitterly. My mom understood at once. We'd all been together so long Kate might as well have been saying goodbye to her only brother. Kate wasn't alone. I was crying like a baby, and after all Kate had done for her and me, Mom was too. Kate's mom was very understanding. Once I met her, I couldn't imagine what she'd done wrong. She allowed Kate to stay with us an extra month longer, but in the end, Kate was swpt three cities away.

It took me months to fully adjust to life without my cousin. Thankfully, Mom was an assistant manager now, and was home a lot more. Still, I was very often alone in our house, sometimes even overnight. I had a string of babysitters, many of them were nice enough, but none of them was Kate, and I couldn't help misbehaving. So I often ended up sitting for myself and doing my best to avoid thinking about Kate.

One night, halfway through the year, Mom and I were home together. She tucked me in before she went to bed, and I lay there in the darkness and tried to sleep. Then someone's hand clapped over my mouth, and my heart pretty much leapt out of my chest. It's a wonder I didn't wet myself. I was shaking like a leaf.

"Don't scream," a voice said. "Please don't scream." I couldn't believe my ears, but my nose didn't lie. It was Kate alright. I could smell her. I could smell the wonderful, sweet, stuff she put in her hair. I tried to turn around at once, but my cousin held my mouth firm.

"You won't scream?" she asked. I shook my head no. Kate let my mouth go and I turned to her at once. I could barely see her in the darkness, but I got her in a hug anyway. She petted my head and kissed me several times.

"How did you get in here?" I asked her. I really wanted to know. I locked every single door and window out of habit. Unless she was Shadowcat or Hermione, it should have been impossible.

"Never mind that, Alex. What matters is I'm here with you. We're going to have to be really quiet so your mom doesn't hear. I can only stay a little while, and then I have to get back, but I came for one reason only: I'm here to make you happy."

"You did that already." I told her, and I meant it.

"I know, but that's not exactly what I meant to say. What I meant to say is I'm here to make you cum. We're gonna play together for a little while, and I promise you'll enjoy every minute of it."

She had my pajama top open before I could say another word, and she started licking my nipples with the tip of her tongue. They were hard in seconds, and she started sucking, which had me quietly purring like a kitten. She put a hand down my bottoms, and closed her fingers around what I now called my cock when I thought no one was listening. She gave my cock a litle squeeze, and gently began jerking while she rubbed the head and my peehole with her thumb.

"God, I missed you," she sighed between lickings. "Do you like it, honey? Do you like what I'm doing to you?"

"Oh, Katie, yes," I purred. I was in little boy heaven. Immediately, Kate shivered and smiled.

"I've always wanted you to call me that," she said, kissing my lips. "Your mom does it all the time, but I always wanted you to."

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked. Then I let out a soft moan. I was leaking precum now and Kate was twirling her thumb on my cock head. It felt incredible.

"I wanted you to do it yourself," she replied. "Boy did that take awhile. Oh my, you're really hard, and I feel you leaking. Tell me what you'd like me to do now."

"Please suck it, Katie," I pleaded right away. "Please put my little cock in your mouth."

"Well, it doesn't feel little," she replied, gigling. And she had my bottoms and briefs off quick as thinking. When she put me in her mouth I would have shouted for joy if my mom wasn't getting a well-deserved rest next door.

I was at least two inches bigger than before and Kate couldn't take it all in as easily anymore. But she made it happen, though she coughed and spurted a bit, and she was really sloppy about it. As she bobbed up and down, I felt drool running down my balls and into my crack. It felt awesome, especially when she started sucking my balls instead, and jerking my cock with her hand. I was having a field day when she suddenly stopped everything.

"Oh, no, Katie," I cried right away. "Please? Just a little more."

"Don't worry, angel," she said in her sweetest voice. "I just want to give you something else fun to try." Then she pulled off her top, and I could just barely make out her breasts. "Now sit on my tummy. Yes, just like that. And now I want you to scoot up until you can get your cock between my tits. Good boy," she said. Then she poured oil on everything. Where did it come from? I don't know. Kate may actually be a witch. "And now hump'em," she hissed, and my cock twitched at once. Kate wasn't a hisser, unless she was really turned on. "I'm gonna push'em together, and I want you to hump my tits. Go nuts, Alex, and don't stop until you pop."

Boy did I ever act on instructions. Quietly as I could, the bed would creak if I did it too hard, I pushed my cock in and out of Kate's big tits. She whispered words of encouragement as I humped, and that just turned me on even more. All my movement was warming the oil, and the whole setup was really slippery. It was absolutely the best thing I ever felt, and it only took about three minutes to start cumming all over her tits. To my absolute surprise, Kate scopped my goo up eagerly. When she had all of it, she put it in her mouth and swallowed. My jaw fell open, but Kate just gigled.

"When you eat my little pussy, you drink mine, don't you?"

She had a valid point, and I nodded in the dark. Then I got off Kate and started sucking her nipples. The oil made them taste funny, but it was edible, almost as if Kate knew what I was going to do.

"Oh, yes. Suck'em, darling. Suck your Katie's tits, sweetheart. Oh roll the nipples around with your tongue, Alex, honey. You're such a good boy, and I swear that I love you. Please make me feel good, honey. Get me all wet down there..."

I love it when she calls me honey, and she know it. I sucked and rolled just as she asked. I could hear her heart start to beat a little faster. She was purring and moaning now, my absolute favorite sounds, and the smell of her hair was really starting to get to me. I took a big lock of long, red, hair and sniffed it deeply. hen I rubbed the silky soft stuff on the side of my face.

"You really love my hair, don't you? Well it's all yours, Alex dear. I'm all yours, Alex. Every bit of me belongs to you. And you, Alex sweetheart, you are all mine. Every little wonderful bit of you belongs to me. Especially that tongue. Oh, that wonderful little tongue of yours. It makes me feel so good. Yes. Please slurp my nipples. Oh, God, Alex, you're gonna make me soak your bed. Oh,...no no no no no! Alex, please don't stop..."

I had no intention of stopping. Not after what Kate did for me. But she'd always given me my favorite things, and I wanted to do the same for her.

As soon as I started tugging down her shorts, Kate groaned and shoved my pillow over her mouth. I spread her legs open and dived at her slit, making the quick, circular licks that I knew she liked best. She started quaking right away, and making a racket that would have brought my mom at once if it wasn't for the pillow. With her free hand, she nudged my head in her pussy, playing with my curly hair, and humping her hole against my mouth. My mouth was full of juice within two minutes, and my face was glazed with the stuff two minutes after that. She actually put her own panties in her mouth before she came, just to make certain no one but me could hear her. She locked her legs around my little head more tightly than usual, and I nearly choked on the amount of juice she squirted. When she was finished, I felt like I'd drank three glasses of water, but it was all worth it for her little satisfied sigh.

"God, I love you," she whispered. And then she made out with me.

After five minutes of that, she asked me to get up and help her change my sheets.

"Otherwise, you'll end up sleeping in a puddle. I'm sorry, Alex. I got carried away."

"There's no natural way you came here WITH a change of sheets handy," I replied, almost certain I was wrong. "Besides, I want to sleep in your juices."

When I said that, Kate stopped in her tracks. Her legs gave way under her, and she fell to the ground. When I got to her, she was wiggling through a small cum. She was rubbing her pussy hard, something I'd never really seen her do before.

"You're going to kill me one of these days," she said when she saw me. "Good Lord, my angel wants to spend the night in my cum. You adorable, precious, lovely, little boy. Why the hell can't I just k**nap you so we can live together for always?"

"Because that would be the death of my mommy," I reminded her, though I wanted to be k**napped more than anything right then.

Kate sighed and produced a change of bedsheets, assuring me my mother knew what pussy juice stains looked and smelled like. We put the new ones on, an she put the old ones somewhere. Yes, as usual, I couldn't tell you just where.

"Katie?" I said afterward. "One of these days you have to tell me how you do the things you do."

"I'll tell you all of my secrets when I marry you," she replied calmly.

"When..when you...what...?" And I swooned on my newly-made bed.

"Marry you," she said. She cradled me in her arms. "I thoroughly plan to marry you the minute you're old enough."

"But Mom will blow a gasket, won't she?"

"When I marry you, it won't be her choice. No one on Earth will keep me from marrying you except you. Do you want to be married to me?"

"Yes, Katie. Oh, God, yes!"

"Shhh. That's the single nicest thing you've ever said to me. I'll make you the happiest man that ever lived when the time comes. But I have to go now. Don't pout, Alex. I can't help it."

"Will you please turn on the lights so I can see you and say goodbye?"

The lights came on, and I nearly came at once. Kate's hair was frazzled everywhere, and there was still a little oil on her tits and a lot of juice running down her legs. I hugged her titght. As tight as I could manage. I didn't let go of her for three minutes. When she did, I kissed her forehead, and she kissed my cheek.

"Don't you cry, my little angel," she said, brushing away my tears. "Rest assured I'll be back."

The lights went out and Katie vanished. Where or how I still don't know. By morning, every sign she had ever been there was gone, and I almost believed I had the best dream ever. But it wasn't a dream. Katie left me a small present: a braided little shock of the hair I loved so much. It smelled strongly of Katie, and I started taking it everywhere with me to keep me strong in a world without my cousin. It's been a month since her nightime visit, and I haven't seen Kate since, but I know she'll come back to me soneday because she said she would. I've been alive for eleven years now, and I've only learned one thing for sure: nothing on Earth can stop my amazing cousin Kate.

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