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My first time getting fucked. Real Story

I was young and very curious. I would ease drop on my sisters dirty conversations with her friends, they would talk about being submissive like it was great. So I always wondered how it would be to experience that. But was always hesitant because of older siblings makong rude remarks about same sex. So I never took it seriously.
My neighbor and I would always hangout, he was older than me, str8 and cute. Our parents would work a lot so they would leave us together till they got home. Sometimes we would look at porn, and he would talk about his experiences with girls, and his preferences. So i would tell him about things i would secretly over hear, and how they made me curious about how it would feel. I wasn't sure about what I was doing, but it felt right, and I trustEd him.

Temptation took over, so i gathered up my courage to try and make a move one day. He was in my brothers room sitting on the bed, which is right in front of the restroom. So i decided to shower, and walk into the room naked and into the restroom. I'm latino, cute and slim, with a voluptuous ass/body so I knew he would look and like what he saw, I walked past him provocatively and left the door open, in plain view of me showering hoping he would get tempted enough and be my daddy.
I had a towel wrapped around me tight and made sure my ass was sticking out before I came out. I saw him secretly looking, and trying to be discreet, but I noticed his dick was hard. I walked over to him and took of my towel, turned around and showed him my whole body. Be said he loved my body and wanted me to keep this our secret, grabbed my hand, placed it on his thigh and guided me all the way up to his belt, made me pull off his pants and lay next to him. He looked hard and really big when I pulled the dick out of his boxers, i wanted to try what I would hear my sister and her friends talk about. He showed me how to stroke his dick and reassured me I was doing good, I wanted to give him head but got scared and hesitated when I pulled his foreskin back and precum came out. So I didn't go through with it, which I regret to till this day.

He asked me to bend over, with my head down and ass up, then he put a pillow underneath my belly. I loved how it felt when he would tease me by rubbing his dick against my hole. It felt so wet and warm, i couldn't handle it anymore, so i told him to put it in, he slowly and softly started to slide into me, it felt so good, I could feel every inch going in and him gripping on my ass and hips. We fucked for about 5 minutes, then he pulled out and cummed, we stopped got dressed, and he gave me kisses before he left. It made me feel good knowing he was enjoying it too. I was happy my fantasy came true. I was excited to try it again, but he never wanted to do it again, and turned me down the one time I asked. We still hang out but act like it never happened, but if he i think about it every second. He was my first and last, I haven't done it since, but have been tempted and curious to do it again.

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