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My real story of becoming a nudist

When you were a little k** and when you were young, you must perhaps has been ordered to obey the parents, listen to the teachers and follow the instruction and rules written. I was a perfect obey-er. I have ever read and followed books to live for many years. When I was 19 years old, I set up a to-do-list which could be useful, interesting, attractive or important for coming ten, twenty years. I have forgot most of them, the one I still remember but have never try it seriously yet is equestrianism. One of the achievement in my list was to have a diploma. That was not really a challenge though, it was just to finish enough routine, boring, established courses and exams. I even didn't need to think about to choose these courses. That kind of to-do-list might be still good and useful, but it was very naïve.

There is always many things you love to do and then you try your best to do it in your life; unfortunately, most of these things were not in your to-do list. You follows your heart, your feelings. For example, your first kiss with your lover, first long kiss, first touch to your lover's body. I have something I love to do and have fulfilled it since I was a little k**: being naked. I wanted, I tried, and I love in sleeping naked, walking naked, cooking naked, eating naked, sexual inter-coursing naked, being photographed naked.
It sounds too easy, but when you realize that being naked seems like a criminal even in private space and it is almost criminal in public when I was young, for sure you will complete change your mind.
It sounds very normal, but if you have the experience that three generation live in one room, you will definitely agree with me - being naked and enjoying it is great challenges which might be greater than to get a world championship.

If we goes back to many years ago, there is many chances to be naked publicly - in a public bathing. That was not what I wanted, it was dirty, embarrassing and not enjoyable. If I have to go there without any other choice, I always tried to finish it as soon as possible. Except in the public bathing, I don't remember I have ever taken off my clothes myself any time ad at anywhere before I was in the 2nd grade.

In an early summer days afternoon, when I was walking back home after school, I wanted to take off my shirt and let the mild wind blow on my breast. My heart beeped faster when I was thinking about this, I was very afraid that anyone else may watch me, watch my nipples. Not quite sure the exact time, but I did find my nipples becoming bigger. As I noticed later, they are much bigger and harder than most of the other persons. I felt shyer to expose my nipples than to expose my butt or private.
A few days later, I finally took off my shirt on the same road back home. I walked faster. I dared not look at the faces who passing by. I noticed some elder boys watching me and I put on my shirt.
The next day, on the same time, the same road, I took off my shirt again. I passed some elder boys and thought they must be off school, too but home opposite direction. I heard some words ... "hey, look at that .... big nipples..." I felt shy and ran away.

In that ego, being naked whatever in public or private, it was acceptable for little boys, but it was considered illness, bad moral, i*****l or criminal for an adult. When I was a p*****n, I decided only to be naked when I was home alone. So I love to be home alone. Once I had chance, I was always naked. Later I gradually realized that being might be sex relative, but I love it, I could not stop doing it, I kept challenging myself to be naked in half-public or half-naked in public. Yes, I knew I have become a nudist.

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