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My Sexual life. Part 1

In a nutshell
(well, a somewhat larger than normal nutshell) here's my sexual history.
I'm a very sexual person, as I guess everyone here is - My sexual life started when I was m*****ed by my older teenage male cousin. In my grandparents shed at A***A Bay (good country livin') and literally in the hay. I guess that's where my love of fine young taught bodies, tight bums and rock hard veiny cocks comes from. Later on during my early teens I played around with a couple of my younger teenage cousins, brother and sister.

Early sexual explorations
I'm not proud of what I did but I've reconciled with myself after all these years of mental torment, we were all experimenting and there was never any penetration, it was all groping, rubbing and attempts at oral sex. I have to categorically state that I never did anything to them against their will and they were certainly complicit. These days, people see things in black and white and don't take into account the shades of grey. In the larger context of my extended family, over the years, I get the feeling that this was a cycle that had repeated itself for several generations (remote Australian rural farming family if you get what I mean).

I hope it was broken with my generation, as soon as I reached an age where clarity kicked in, I stopped. I did try a couple of times to get into my teenage female cousin's pants and we certainly flirted a bit. She always said she knew something about me and came close to confessing that info a couple of times - what? That I and her brother used to suck each others cocks and rub ourselves against each other till we came? That was as far as it ever went and he was certainly complicit - but we stopped. I've never done anything remotely like that since then, with family or other. I'm an adult now and in much better control of myself. Oh yeah, I'm bi. Did I mention that? I can't remember a time when I wasn't. But I prefer the term `Hetroflexible' to describe myself, I couldn't have a relationship with a bloke. I'm utterly uninterested in men emotionally. I just don't have the same reaction to men as I do women, who move me in the most intimate and indescribable ways.

I had my first orgasm rubbing my cock against my bed sheets when I was around 1*, 1* or so. It was amazing and I still remember it vividly after all these years. I remember thinking then, what was all the fuss about sex? If anything makes you feel this good, why is it bad? I set myself a lifetime goal of being a sexual explorer. To go wherever my interests took me and to not judge others for their interests. To always have an open mind and find someone wonderful to explore with. Well, I've for the most part kept to that. When I was a teenager my hormones went nuts. I literally did try to stick my dick into anything with varying degrees of success - dogs, a cat, a horse, a cow, a roast chicken (which I did manage to cum into and ate). Mostly though, I wanked a lot. I desperately wanted a girlfriend but I'm one of those people where girls love being my friend, but that's all. I've been overweight most of my life so I automatically assume that women couldn't possibly find me attractive - and sad to say that's proven to be true although not to put all of the blame on others I certainly lacked courage several times as well and I'm utterly guilty of not being able to read the signs of when someone is interested in me. I've a degree of Autism about me in that respect. It's always some days or weeks, sometimes years later I'll think about the situation and a light will go off.. `ohhhh, she wanted me to....' (long, drawn sigh) ah well.

When the fog of lust descends
Still, I've had a great time through the years. These are a few things that spring to mind - When the fog of lust descends and morals are forgotten and ignored I go wherever my cock takes me. I've had lots of threesomes with couples I've met through personals. I've fucked lots of women in their lovely cunts while hubby lies underneath licking our genitals as we fuck and I've enjoyed doing that as well. I've been to a house party here in Newcastle where I had sex with four different women in the one night and watched and wanked with others in a scene as close as I've ever seen to one of my favorite movies, Blue Velvet (not quite as disturbing but right up there).

Glory Glory Hallelujah!!
In my mid twenties I discovered the glory hole in public toilets and since then I've had... so many good times. I've always had the fantasy of taking my special lady or slave to public toilet with a glory hole and m*****ing her as she sucks a strangers cock through it. I've had group sex with other men in public toilets, I've pissed on a French sailor who revelled in it. I once watched and wanked through a glory hole another bloke suck and fondle a teenage schoolboy with the thickest, longest most gorgeous cock I've ever seen in real life. I've sucked a teenage aboriginal boys cock and sucked another k**s cock while his girlfriend waited outside - I was so excited when I thought she was going to come in and join us. One drunken night in a park beat, I enjoyed being molsted and sucked by the most delightful and lovely South Korean guy who couldn't get enough of my body. That was lovely in itself and he was so trim, tanned and had a great body and cock. I just wish I hadn't been so drunk at the time.

New Directions
In my head from when I was young I've always been equal opportunity when it comes to sex. My major fantasy was to be in a bisexual orgy. (still is a major one) but over the past ten years or so I've developed an interest in B&D, S&M. It's making me squirm in my seat now as I type.

Over the years I've realised some things that get me off - submission being one of them. I love being dominant over a submissive, the more and enthusiastic the better. I'd love to meet someone who's utter devotion and trust in me would grow to the point where I could have total access to the individual 24/7. I'll write more about that in another posting as that for me is quite a large subject. I get off on m*****ing. Groping, fingering, feeling, massaging and exploring a willing, restrained subject. I like all sorts of bodies. Yep, me I'm overweight - and I'm an artist, a visual and creative person so I see a lot. I've never been into the perfect beauty and always found them to be quite dull (Playboy? Borrrrring!). I've loved and lusted and been infatuated with all sorts of folk, men and women. I confess to being a bit of a tit man but really there's not much of a woman that doesn't do it for me. I can usually find something sexy about any woman I see.

...and so
I reckon that's enough for now. I've still to write about a play **** I enjoyed once and my other perversions and experiences. I'm not a competitive person, I know many out there have done much more than me, and that's fine. But this is me and what I've done - for better or worse. I just hope it finds people who want to get in touch and play with me, chat with me, wank with me, be dominated by me or wants to join with me and share and explore a perverted life together.

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