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My Sexuality

So I guess the whole thing started for me the first time I experienced an orgasm. I think that's probably true for most folks. We like to say it was the first time we had sexual intercourse, but I think what defines our sexuality for the rest of our lives is linked to that first climax. Looking back at all my relationships I see, for me anyway, the truth of that statement.
I had found this trashy novel. It was cover to cover, depravity. The main character was Elaine, a 22 year old virgin with red hair and really big tits, who broke down on this country road and was picked up by this father and daughter who happened to be driving by. They take her home and coerce her into to being a sex slave. The story is primarily seen through Elaine's eyes and is in my opinion a masterpiece of erotica. I remember laying on my stomach reading this passage in the book where Elaine passes out and wakes up stripped naked, shackled over <span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">a whipping stand being fucked by this big black guy, Hoffman who worked for the Father, Colonel Chandler. Here is the bit that made me cum for the first time in my life. Enjoy! (I know I did.)

</span>Because her legs were spread and shackled well apart, she could not feel the semen that trickled out of her ravaged vagina. But she could hear it, drip-dripping into the plank platform on which she stood.
Releasing her swollen tits, Felice grinned wickedly and patted the other girl's cheek.
"You didn't think anybody knew, did you? I know, darling! That squeal you let out when Hoffman started pumping your pussy full of come—you came! Admit it!"
"Noooooooo—ohhh... " Felice gripped her by the hair, tugged her head painfully up, and slapped her. "Admit it!"
"Uh... g-g-gaaaannnnngh... " Her Adam's apple was trying to push through her stretched throat, the skin drawn impossibly taut.
After slapping her again, Felice released her. Elaine's mind reeled as her head swung down.
"Admit it!"
«N—no—AHAOWW!" Fire blazed through her breast as Felice slapped it and set it aswing.
"Admit it, you little bitch! We all know!"
Elaine began to cry. This was too much, the ultimate humiliation, the admission that she was only putty that ¦they had shaped and into which they had, godlike, breathed life.
"I came," she gasped out.
"Louder," Colonel Chandler's level voice urged.
"I came!"
Felice laughed, nudging the girl's hanging head with her knee as she rose. "One more time, Elaine, baby."
Felice laughed delightedly. Elaine couldn't see what she was doing. She heard the jingle of harness, the sound of belt and buckle. Then she heard the tap-tap of Felice's boots, passing on her right, and she twisted her head that way.
"NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-OOOOHHHH!" Elaine screamed.
Leather straps circled Felice's hips and both thighs. All were snugly buckled, ridging her flesh a little. And before her bobbed a thing, a long thick red monstrosity of hard rubber with a great flaring dome-shaped head.
She paid Elaine's plea no attention at all, of course. She merely stepped behind the helpless slave and shoved the dildo into the redlipped oval slot that was supremely wet and easy with the juices of both Elaine's and Hoffman's orgasms.
Grinning over the bowed white body at her father, very aware of the dark interest of Hoffman's watching eyes, Felice hunched and jerked and undulated her hips. Her hands squeezing and palpitating the flesh of Elaine's haunches. The dildo plowed in and out of the slick-lipped, tender-walled little channel so helplessly exposed between the legs of the bent and bound body.
Grinning, Felice fucked Elaine.
"I thought you might like a little female tenderness after that nasty old Hoffman fucked your poor maidenly pussy, Elaine, darling," Felice said, with a sneering smile implicit in her voice. "I found this nice cock substitute in grandmother's dresser drawer years ago. Granddad died in bed of a heart attack. We figure he must have fucked himself to death, and grandmother had to have more cock. So she brought this sweet hard-rubber gem, or had it made up. Granddad must have been quite a man."
"Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-unngh—ungh—uh-uh, Elaine was gasping, in a steady series of grunts that matched the rhythm of Felice's swinging hips. The dildo pounded in and out of her writhing vagina.
"I mean either Granddad was quite a man, quite a stud," Felice went on in that totally unchecked, amoral way of hers, "or grandmother never really got enough until he died."
"Felice!" the Colonel said sternly.
"Anyhow," Felice went on unperturbedly, "this tallywhacker's a real jewel of a pussy-pleaser. Nine horny inches long and precisely two-point-five inches across the head. Feels great, doesn't it?"
"Uh—uh—uh—uh... " Felice fucked on. Hoffman came and squatted beside Elaine, showing the flaccid, slimy-looking length of the cock he'd spent in her. He began to manipulate her breasts again. He stroked and stroked, from base to tips, seeming to draw and draw all the inner blood and all the feelings down and down into the purple-red aureoles and thick spears of nipples.
Felice's slim hips smacked Elaine's thighs. Felice's artificial cock sluiced in and out of the girl's sopping gash.
Hoffman's fingers closed slowly on Elaine's nipples. He began to squeeze and pull them. They stretched. Elaine groaned. Fires roared through her quaking body. His fingers pressed more tightly. Sweat began to roll from the bowed girl. Her brain whirled. Massive cock plunging in and out of her receptive cunt... soft flesh smacking against her backside and sleek thighs... fingers tugging and pressing her flaming, bursting, swollen nipples.
She felt an interior tremor, a tightening and a quaking like an earthquake beginning in the seething bowels of the earth. Her eyes flared wide and she screamed and jerked without control. Her pulsing guts popped off one hard climatic spasm after another.
The intensity of her second orgasm flooded her with the molten juice of passion in hot streams that soon escaped the shell of her hot-lipped cunt.
Felice pulled out the dildo with a jerk that brought another scream from their enslaved plaything.
Hoffman gave her nipples a last squeeze and stood up.
Elaine lay weakly over the tall whipping stool, gasping and panting. Sweat rolled off her body and dripped with thumping noises to the plank platform. Thicker, equally-clear liquid oozed from her gaping vulva and also thudded down onto the wooden base of her bondage stand.

Anyway, as Elaine was cumming in the book, I started feeling the same sensations described in the book, building and building until I came just like she did. Only right in my pants, dry humping the floor. It was the beginning of years of sexual self exploration. Fantasy/masturbation until I had my first "real sex" with a delightful young woman who took me behind a cabin in the woods on our high school senior class trip and let me fuck her brains out. That's another story, for another time.
What I took from that, or what was etched into my sexuality was the understanding that women like cumming as much as I do, probably more, and I have to make that happen or the sex isn't great for me. The more often the lady cums, the better I like it. I have a dominant streak, I like being in control of the sex. And I almost always imagine what
the woman is feeling as I'm making her feel it. Over the years I've gotten quite good at getting women off, usually so many times they have to ask me to stop, sometimes beg. Which is quite a turn on for me, I have to admit. I find red heads with big tits very attractive because that's how Elaine was described. Though it's never been a mandatory thing for me, just eye catching. Sex toys, light bondage, spanking, and titty play, roll playing/fantasy always a turn on for me. But only if it gets the lady off. And off, and off again, until it's enough, then I cum, which will often get them off again.
Well that's me, how it all started and how I enjoy sex.

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