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Popping my cherry

I was in my early twenties, and one weekend whilst shopping locally I was caught short and had to use the local public toilets. As I sat there, I noticed all the well drawn pictures of transvestites taking cocks in all their available holes and the stories that accompanied them etched onto the back of the cubicle door. I have to admit, I had never considered gay sex, let alone thinking about a glamorous transvestite, but my cock was now pointing at the ceiling, pulsating with every line of gay erotica I was taking in on this door!
Just then, I heard someone come into the cubicle next to me. I listened intently as I heard him undo his trousers, and then to my surprise, I heard him taking his cock to task! This guy was quite openly masturbating a few feet away from me! My heart was pounding, my own cock was straining, already sticky with my sweet precum. I pulled up my own trousers, flushed the toilet, and made my way out of the toilets.
Whilst outside, I surveyed the scene. The place where the toilet block was virtually deserted. Then I heard the other guy come out of the cubicle, but he never appeared outside. I was enraptured, unsure what to do next. I re-entered the toilets, and saw a man in his mid fifties, slightly overweight and balding, standing at the piss trough, slowly wanking a short, fat cock. At that moment, I knew I wanted to make that juicy cock cum! I held open the cubicle door and invited the gentleman to come and join me. He duly obliged, and I breathed in his nice aftershave and felt the warmth of his body as we squeezed in to the confines of the cubicle.
I loosened my trousers and they fell to the floor, my underwear already sporting a sticky hot patch from previously.I pulled down my boxers to release my own swollen member, and as I did so it bounced back from the elastic and slapped my belly. He reached out his hand and gently caressed my balls before tightly gripping my cock, releasing his grip to ever so gently stroke my penis. I had to stop him there or else the whole place was getting covered in cum! I focused my attention on releasing him from his own confines, and getting his fat cock into my hands. As he stood before me, naked from the waist down, I realised that not only did he have no pubic hair, but his pale legs were smooth and hairless. I ran my fingers first round the base of his back, rolling over the top of his buttocks, whilst with my other hand gently stroking the back of his neck. I could see his body quiver as a tremor went down his spine, and then I sat myself upon the bowl of the toilet, as his pale cock bobbed around my face. My hands were working his buttocks, the erogenous part of his thighs and then I worked my way along his perineum, feeling the erectile tissue beneath. Then I took his engorged cock between my lips, gently kissing the meatus, darting my tongue all across his glans and then took him fully into my mouth, making sure my tongue worked it's way round that big swollen head. I was rather surprised to find that his penis had no discernible flavour or taste. Meanwhile my hands were still working on his buttocks, thighs and perineum, gently teasing his bulging ball-sack.
This was obviously too much for him, and he furiously started face fucking me, pumping that fat cock for all he was worth. After about thirty seconds, he took his cock out, and started wanking it viciously towards the wall of the cubicle. I swear, that thing looked an inch bigger now it had been caressed by my tongue and mouth, and I heard him breathing heavily as he was about to ejaculate. With a moan the first shot of hot sticky cum splattered against the wall, and another, and another! After what seemed an eternity, his orgasm finally subsided. I took his cock in my hand, and slowly licked the less viscous cum that was covering the tip of his prick, cleaning up his proud member.
I looked up at the man and I could see in his post orgasmic state that he wanted to make a hasty retreat, quickly doing up his trousers, and hastily departed from the premises.
I hastily cleaned up the huge load of sticky cum from the walls and floor, tidied myself up, and I too left the toilets, happy in the knowledge I had made an old(er) man very happy.
As for my first cum with another man, that is a story for another day!

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