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I heard the knock on my bedroom door and inquired as to who it was. It was my daughter who had just turned eighteen about five minutes ago. Since we were the only two people in the house, there is no one in the house under the age of eighteen.

"It's me daddy." my daughter Erica exclaimed. "I'm cold and I want to curl up with you and get warm." she said.

"Honey, why don't you go get in your own bed and get some sleep?" I replied.

"Because I'm cold and can't get warmed up." she answered. "Besides that, I need to pee pee and right now." Erica walked past me taking my hand as she did so, and headed for my bathroom. She lifted the toilet seat and sat down.

"Now daddy, stand in front of me while I piss, because I want to play with your cock while I'm peeing." She pulled my hand so I was right in front of her. I heard the inevitable hissing sound and then heard her piss hitting the water. At the same time, Erica reached up, pulled the foreskin of my cock back, and engulfed the head of my cock in her mouth.

I was taken completely aback as my youngest daughter had never given any indication of being interested in sex or the male species except for the occasional times she flashed me showing me her brightly colored panties and stockings.

She sucked the head of my cock and I immediately attained an erection of massive proportions for me. About this time I heard her flow of pee drop off and she let loose of my cock and said. "I want you to take your hand and wipe my hairy pussy with it then lick your hand to see what my piss tastes like. Then we are going to get in your bed and you are going to suck my teats as I play with your engorged prick."

"But honey, we can't do this. It's against the law. You're too young for your daddy to be having sexual relations with you. I can go to jail for doing this." I told her.

"You can only go to jail for having sex with me if you get caught and you're not going to get caught. Besides that, I turned eighteen five minutes ago, so it is perfectly legal from an age standpoint to have sex with me. Now wipe my wet cunt and lick your hand so you can taste me."

I ran my hand through her dark haired bush, then licked it. It tasted of her pee.

"Did you enjoy it daddy?" she asked. "I hope so, because you're going to have some more sometime during the rest of the evening. Do you like the looks of my dark brown stockings and silver colored garter belt? Eight garter straps to keep the seams on my stockings straight. Don't ask me. No. I didn't wear any briefs or DK's this evening because I was thinking only about having you play with me. Now, let's get into bed so I can get warm next to you and play with your long uncut cock."

"How did you know my cock is uncut?" I asked.

"Amy told me it was. She told me how she discovered it while you were shaving one morning when she had to piss." Erica replied. "I learned about a lot of things from Amy like how you enjoy being pissed on and how you enjoy wearing women's lingerie as well as fucking her. Well now, you get to fuck me too."

"I can't believe you want to do this Erica." I said.

"Well, I do. No one is home tonight, so we have the house to ourselves. Brandon is away at school. Amy is at Grandpa's house fucking him and Mother is eating pussy with Becky and Grandmother. So it is just you and me Daddy. I want you to nurse me first because my teats are cold and your warm mouth will make them feel better. Just be gentle when you suckle them though."

I got down so I could ease a nipple in my mouth and began to gently nurse her right teat. While I was doing that Erica was stroking my still erect cock, moving my foreskin over and under the head of it. Suddenly, she told me to stop nursing and she was going to suck my cock for a minute or two while I ate her pussy.

So I shifted down between her legs and spread her hairy cunt lips apart and began sucking on her rather prominent clit while she took my erect cock in her mouth and began sucking on it. Suddenly, I felt something nice and wet hitting my chin and I knew she had pissed on me.

"Daddy. I'm ready for you to mount me and fuck me so turn around and get back between my legs." she said. "I'm going to spread my cunt lips wide apart and I want you to shove your cock inside me as hard as possible so you rupture my hymen."

"Don't you want me to slip a rubber over my cock?" I asked her.

"No, I've been on birth control pills now for about a year so you don't have to worry about knocking me up. I just want your magnificent cock fucking me and shooting your creamy white pollen inside my cunt so it can leak out my cunt lips and into the Directoire Knickers I'm going to slip into after you fuck me." Erica said.

"Where did you learn all these tricks you have?" her daddy asked.

"I got a lot of information from my sister Amy and a lot from your sister Becky. Becky told me not to shave my pits, legs, or cunt and belly. She said you liked your women with hair on their bodies and my hair is coal black like hers and I have almost as much as she does. She also told me you enjoy having her suck your cock, so I'm going to do that too. Amy told me you let her pee pee all over you and you got a hard on while she was doing it, then she sucked your cock until you came in her mouth." Erica said.

"Amy likes to be peed on and likes to suck my cock after I finish so she can get a few drops in her mouth. Your sister is a real piss whore and also enjoys sucking my prick." daddy replied.

"Well. I want to do that too, but I also want you to suckle my teats and play with my pussy." Erica told him.

"If I stand right in front of you while you piss would you suck my cock?" daddy asked.

"Sure I would." Erica replied. "Just move over here so I can get your big cock in my mouth."

I moved over in front of Erica and she took my cock and began stroking it up and down getting my foreskin off the head. Then she took it and plopped it all i her mouth and began sucking on it as she fondled my nuts.

"I'm going to give you a huge load of sperm filled semen if you keep that up my dear." I told her.

She stopped sucking and said "I hope you do. I enjoy sucking cock and getting blasted when a guy shoots his nuts off in my mouth, So blast off daddy."

She resumed sucking me and I lasted about twenty seconds until my cock erupted in her mouth. Erica gobbled me and swallowed my semen then let loose of my cock. I heard her pee falling into the water in the toilet and then it was gushing out of her pee hole.

It lasted about thirty seconds then she stood up and thrust her very wet hairy cunt into my face and said "Now eat my wet pissy pussy you fucking motherfucker."

Erica spread her hairy cunt lips apart and I began licking her very wet vulva and clit. As her clit engorged, I began sucking it. Erica went bonkers, squealing and hollering about how good it felt. Then I began probing her urethra with my tongue hoping to get it open far enough to be able to stick my tongue way u[p inside it.

"Would you like daddy to fuck your pee hole darling?" I asked her.

"Not right now, but I'd like to give you a little more pee to drink please." she replied.

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"Well go ahead and pee on daddy's tongue then." I said.

I felt the warm urine landing on my tongue and she must have pissed on it for about ten seconds. I swallowed as much as I could then began licking her wet pussy again.

"That feels so good daddy." she said. "I love it when you do that. Amy likes to lick my cunt too and Brandon enjoys sucking my clit."

"You've become a regular little whore haven't you darling?" daddy asked. "Do you fuck around with everyone or do you just keep it in the family? Does mommy know about all of this activity? Do you suck my dads cock too? How about grandmas pussy? Do you suck it along with her clit?"

"Well. I've sucked your daddy's cock and he really enjoys it. He likes me to retract his long foreskin and suck the head of his cock. He got so excited the first time I sucked him off, he came in my mouth about ten seconds after I started sucking it. I also caught grandma sitting on the throne one day taking a piss for herself. No one else was home when I walked in the house and so I went looking for her. She was sitting there pissing and playing with her clit. All she said to me was "Hi Erica. Would you like to help me have a climax?"

I said "Of course I would grandma. What would you like me to do? Suck your clit or eat your cunt?"

"She wanted me to suck her clit. So I did and made her climax in about two minutes. So now, I call her when I'm going to their house so she knows I'm coming over and also so she can take off her Directoire Knickers and have her cunt ready for me to play with. She always wears a garter girdle and sheer full fashioned stockings with seams. They are so sexy. The last time I was there, she wanted me to stick my tongue in her urethra. You know. Her pee hole. Well, I did and that made her fucking pee on my tongue. I drank it and she asked if I liked it. I told her it was not too salty and I'd do it again. So she pissed a little more and I drank that too. Does that answer your questions daddy?"

"Have you played with aunt Becky yet?"

"No, but I've seen aunt Becky's very hairy pussy, arm pits, and legs and love it when she wears beige stockings so I can see the hair on her legs showing." Erica said. "One of these days I'll ask her if I can eat her hairy pussy."

"Do you mean my wonderful sister has actually let you play with her cunt?" daddy asked.

"Yes. I watched her pee pee and then just pull her panties up to her wet cunt so the crotch got wet from her not wiping." Erica replied. She also likes it when I nurse her teats. They are so nce to nurse on with her large nipples that jut out.. It's really nice when she wears a cut out bra and I can suckle her by just pulling her sweater or blouse."

"So what are we going to do next?" I asked. "Do you want my stiff cock up inside your hairy cunt and fuck you until I blast off inside you?"

"I'd love that daddy. I think your long thin prick will feel very good inside me nestled against my cervix then shooting a load of cream inside me." Erica responded.

"So let me sit on your prick and impale myself then you can fuck the hell out of me. I want to feel a massive load of baby batter flow inside my cunt when you shoot. There is no hurry since we have the house to ourselves all day. We can fuck and suck and piss on each other to our hearts content." Erica said.

So Erica climbed on top of me and spread her black hair covered cunt lips open. She slowly lowered herself on my extremely turgid cock pushing my foreskin back as she did. She finally had all my prick inside her and just sat on my relishing having a prick inside her cunt.

"Now daddy. Just leave your long thin prick inside my wet cunt and then I will tell you when yo start really fucking me." Erica told me. "I want to relish the moment as I devour your prick in\side my cunt and remember you as deflowering me."

I laid there on the bed for a few minutes and Erica finally said. "OK daddy. You can begin giving me a good fucking. I want you to make me climax about ten times, then spray all your baby batter inside my cunt and get me good and wet with it. Then I'll slip on a pair of black panties and let it leak out into the gusset of them and get all wet. I don't want it running down my thighs and getting my nylons all wet. Now fuck me good daddy."

I began fucking her with my cock and ramming it up inside her cunt as far as I could. She met every thrust and presently I felt the walls of her vagina get wet and I knew she had climaxed. I kept thrusting and she kept having orgasms until she finally said "Now daddy. Blast off and fill my cunt up with your seed."

I erupted inside her shooting seven or eight strokes of semen inside her then letting the rest of it dribble out the tip of my cock. I felt like I had blown the tip of my cock off.

"Oh daddy. That feels so good and your baby batter is so nice and warm and creamy." Erica said. "I'll never forget you being my first fuck. Now let me get off you and you go in my bedroom and get the black panties off my bed so I can slip them on and leak into the crotch of them."

I got off the bed and found her panties. They were very sheer and would hide nothing. I took them to her and helped slip her feet and legs into them and she pulled them up tight against her cunt lips.

She then sat up, pulled my cock to her mouth and began sucking all our juices off of it. When she finished, she simply said "We need to get some sleep and you can fuck me again in the morning. I may piss all over your prick then too."

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