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Why I became a Cuck

I began hooking up with 50+ year old Big Black Cocks as a young teen. I met Robert in Covington and he took me to his house in Clifton. He was having a poker party and within a few minutes of arriving I was completely naked, sitting on their laps and being groped until it was time to fetch someone a beer.

The night Robert picked me up I was a virgin, I had never even kissed a girl. By the end of the night I had sucked 6-7 Big Black Cocks, swallowed many loads of cum, and been fucked and passed around like a slut. Robert and I stayed in touch probably until I was 18. He'd pick me up and take me to his house to fuck him or his friends; as well as, finding young black girls for me to fuck while he watched.

At 20 I started dating a Filipino named Maria she was 18, hot, perfect body, and loved to fuck constantly. A few years later she became my fiance' but it wasn't a fairytale ending. This particular night I went to pick her up from work when a co-worker told me that she had gone home sick. I thought nothing of it and went drinking with my friends.

The next day we talked on the phone, she told me she had plans with some co-workers but to pick her up at 10 p.m. I picked her up and we immediately drove to the secret place we'd go to fuck. She began deepthroating my entire cock which was unusual but once we parked I was ready to fuck.

I got between her sexy filipino legs and began putting my cock into her and something was majorly wrong, I couldn't feel anything and it was soaking wet. I must have given her a dumb look because she began to cry and tell me that she spent the night and most the day fucking her 40+ year old BLACK BOSS, his wife was out of town at a funeral so he took her to his house. He had just dropped her off a few minutes before I picked her up so she hadn't had time to shower and was still covered and pussy filled with his cum.

I have no idea why but my cock was rock hard and I loved feeling his cum inside her as she told me all the details about how they fucked and how she loved fucking his 11" x 6.5" Big Black Cock. I couldn't feel the walls of her pussy but I added another 5 loads during the storytelling. It was probably less than a week later when I ran into her BLACK BOSS Kenny and invited him to my apartment nearby to compared notes, he eagerly agreed. We drank some beers and discussed setting up Maria to fuck all our friends since she was nothing more than a cheating whore.

BLACK BOSS Kenny and I became friends quickly when he learned of my love for Big Black Cocks. When Maria was on her period we'd hookup and his 11" x 6.5" Big Black Cock used my ass. He'd take me to gay bars and tell black guys if they followed us to my apartment they could use my mouth and ass as a cum receptacle. He had a devious mind but I loved being used and shared by BLACK BOSS Kenny and Big Black Cocks.

I loved Big Black Cocks and fucking the used pussy of my fiance' Maria. I knew we weren't really going to get married after she cheated but I lied, BLACK BOSS Kenny and I began fucking her together. We did every and all the kinkiest things you can imagine, DOUBLE PENETRATION, 2 COCKS IN HER PUSSY, BLACK ONLY GANGBANGS, and set her up with every Big Black Cocks from 18-72. For three weeks a month she was nothing more than a place for Big Black Cocks to deposit cum. Eventually all the fun ended but from the age of 18-22 Maria must have been fucked by 100+ Big Black Cocks and I encouraged it because I loved fucking her loose pussy full of BLACK cum.

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